• Plenary Speaker

Lee Dyer (Reno – USA)


  • Keynote / Speakers

Multitrophic interactions and ecological networks

Theodora Petanidou (Aegean – GREECE)


Plant-insect-microorganisms interactions - COST FA 1405 session

Einat Zchori-Fein* (Newe – ISRAEL)


Community ecology and phylogenetics

Atsushi Kawakita (Kyoto – JAPAN)


Todd Palmer (Gainesville – USA)


Global change and thermal ecology

John Terblanche (Stellenbosch – SOUTH AFRICA)


Insect effectors and plant responses

Isgouhi Kaloshian (Riverside – USA)


Insect plant-interactions in forests and agrosystems

Denis Thierry (France)


Evolutionary genomics

Noah Whiteman (Berkley – USA)


Michael Poulsen (Copenhagen – DENMARK)

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